At no cost to your establishment, I bring the studio to you. The advantages of studio lighting are enormous. 


Studio versus performance photography

These are very different photos than what are done during performance photography. During a performance you hope to catch that moment when it happens. Sometimes you get it and sometimes you don't. Dancers are constantly moving through different lighting shades affecting the quality of light on them.

In a studio setting you control all the lighting on the dancer so they are always perfectly lit. In a studio setting the pose can be repeated until its right.Having the time to always capture that moment. It gives each dancer a time to shine. No distracting backgrounds. No mixed and confused lighting. All attention is focused on the dancer.

  • All bookings are done online by the parents/students

  • A private photo gallery is created for each dancer.

  • All images can be viewed and ordered at your convenience online.

  • Full portraits and headshots will be done of each dancer.

  • These photographs are what dancers will use for audition photos.